VB.Net Medical Store System Project

Medical store system project or medical store management system is a software application useful for medial shops. Download full project source code in vb.net with project report.

medical store system project

Project Introduction:

In present trend software usage is increased in every filed for reducing work load and managing various woks using a single software application .Considering scope of integrating software application for medical shops for managing billing details, stock in and out flow, users information, report generation for products sold.

In existing system manual methods are used in many medical shops where searching for available of stock in shops, giving manual bills..etc. In order to computerize these works this software will be very helpful.

Project development:

Medical store system project can be designed in multiple platforms like java, asp.net, php. Students can download vb.net source code and refer to useful links for source code in other platforms.

useful Information is provided in youtube video


Installation Procedure:

1. Download visual studio software and install.

2. For database install SQL server version 2000

3 .In order to execute code paste code  to D:\  directory

4. Connect front end to database as illustrated below:

4.1  Database is present in back end folder integrate with local NT server.

 4.2 Setup database

Important: unzip resources file before executing project

Download VB.Net Medical store system project source code

Procedure to execute Medical store system project:

After following installation steps and connecting front end to database follow these steps

Execute application using F5 key

Main page of front end GUI will display.

Test all the features shown in GUI.

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Medical store management system project in java

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