VB.Net Electronic Shop Management System

VB.Net Electronic Shop Management System is a final year project for mca, bca, cse, it computer science students. In this project we explain about online web application through which users can buy electronics goods from any location with minimum requirement of internet connection.

electronic shop management system

Main Aim:

Main objective of this project is to design a online website for electronic product selling company which should provide basic features like online billing, customers information, complaint system, help , sell goods, search for products, pay bill in installments, generate sales reports and provide service.

Hardware and software requirements:

Front End: Vb.net ( visual basic)

Back end Database: SQL Server

Download vb.net Electronic shop management system full source code.


Login Module: User should get unique user name and password to login to application. This provides security

Billing report: After buying products from electronic shop details of purchase are shown in printed form.

Complaints: In this form customers can submit complaints on products they purchased from electronic shop.

Installment Module: This module will help managing team to update customers installment details on monthly basis.

Purchase Module: Here detailed information of each purchase and updated which will be useful for analyzing overall sales.

Product service: Information related to electronic product are stored in this module. This will help users to know detailed information of services for a product.

Sales:  After every purchase of electronic item for electronic shop details of cost are updated to sales module.

Search : Users can search for specific type of product and customer sales information, service information using this module.

Stock Details: As electronic shop management receives new stock details are updated to stock details module.

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