Sales and Inventory Management System Project Code in Vb.Net

Logistic companies need sales and inventory management system project for maintaining logistic facilities like billing, sales, purchases..etc. This project is implemented in vb.net using SQL server 2008.

System Introduction:

Inventory system project main idea is to develop a user friendly software application for logistic companies where they can manage bills, purchases, records of sales and information on stock availability.

Sales and Inventory Management System Project

In existing system manual methods are used where cost for managing is increased and time for providing service for customers is not efficient and data retrieving is a problem. In this new model sales and inventory system data is maintained in database and cash flow, visibility and decision making will be easy.

Operating Environment:

Software requirement:

Front End: visual basic ( vb.net)

Back End Database: Sql Server

Source Code in Different Platforms:

This management software is not only implemented in vb.net we can also develop this application in java and asp.net. Students can directly download full project source code in vb.net with full project report and documentation.

Students can request for project source code in java and asp.net which is in testing stage.

Advantages of sales and Inventory software:

Time is saved

Cost of human resources will be reduced.

Reduces paper work

Easy to analyze based on previous records.

Easy to retrieve and analyze old records in short time.

Download Sales and Inventory Management System Project

Over view on Project Form:

Login Form:  Enter user name and password to login in to application.

Main Form: This form contains file , view , tools, master controls, help, logout and exit options.

Transaction Screen:  This form contains many sub forms order entry, shipment details, account department, machine installation group, commercial group and order enquiry

Detailed explanation with screen shots and functionality with database design, dataflow diagram(dfd), sequence diagram and activity diagram, state transaction diagram and screen shots for reports are shown in sales and inventory management system over view video. Visit this link to view this youtube video.


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