Point of Sales and Inventory System Project Source Code

Visual basic (VB) Software project on point of sales and inventory system is designed to reduce manual work involved in bill generating and updating sales details.

Point of Sales and Inventory System

Existing and Proposed System:

In existing system bill books are maintained where user need to give bill for every purchase user made from shop. In this method data is not secure and retrieving old data is time taking process.

Proposed system is a Point of sales system which is  automated system with front end interface and back end database. Whenever user enters data it is stored in database.

Point of sales and Inventory System Modules Description:

Admin: This user has high permissions that can set permissions for employee module basing on requirement.

Employee Module: This is the interface provided for updating sales details and print bills. Details of sales are available for admin.

 Inventory System Project Database Design:

Mysql is the database used for design.  Database design is important for every project. Here we provide database tables, primary key and secondary key details.

List of database tables used in this project

Table city town,  table designation, table category, table product, table sales, table status, table supplier, table user.

Project  Name Point of Sales and Inventory System

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Software and Hardware Requirements:

Front End Design: Visual basic version 6 (VB.6)

Back End Database Design: Mysql Server

This project is useful for CSE,BCA, MCA final year students. Download full project source code from below link.

Download Project

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