Boutique Management System Project Report

Boutique management system project can be designed in vb.net or java programming languages. Main objective of this project is to develop a inventory system for show rooms.

Boutique Management System

Boutique Management System Project report

Project Design

Front end part is designed in vb.ne programming language and back end database is ms access. Main form will contain all modules like adding customers, products listings, billing, and report generation from one form we can navigate to other form easily.

Project Scope:

 BMS software is user friendly easy to navigate from one form to other from. Admin can add products list, update, delete and modify records and take database back up.

Software Features:

Searching for listing content using search box.

Customer’s details are stored in database with personal details and allow admin to update and delete records.

Sales Billing and report generation with a copy stored in database.

Download Boutique Management system Project Report

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