PHP Mysql Online Task Management System

PHP Mysql Online task management system project is web based application. Task management is important task for every organization for managing different types of projects and allocating tasks to employees in a procedure manner. In order to perform these tasks we use task management software where employees can be divided in to groups and members inside group can send mails, update task details, communicate with team members.

In this web application administrator is the primary user who has high level permissions for adding, deleting, modifying group and user details.

online task management system

Task manager application is mainly useful in big organizations where they handle more projects at a time. In this case we need to manage work efficiently by dividing employees, assigning tasks , updating daily status on assigned tasks.

video link to view dfd, screen shots for task manager asp.net project


This software is web based application which works on LAN network. Main reason for not designing this application as windows stand alone application is work is divided in to two tasks one for administrator and other for managing ( who will look after group tasks).

Project Title: Online task management system

Problems in existing system: 

Work details are maintained in the form of records. We need to search for completed work records manually.

Information sharing between different sections is done manually.

For any clarification or task allocation we need to approach higher official.

These are few issues which we see in existing system in order to overcome these issues task managing software will be useful.

 Download PHP Mysql Online task management system source code

At present this type of management applications are used in every software company. Developing this project as mini or major project will be helpful for computer science back ground students.

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