Java Bank Management System

Bank management system has been designed using java programming language. It stores, updates, deletes, and displays the customer details and other required details. It keeps tracks of other transitions in the bank.

Management is the thing which we require for every organization. Management is required for maintain the data of the system. Maintaining the records. Maintaining the record of customer and records of their transactions.

bank management system

Features of Java in Bank Management

Banking system helps the staff member to store, retrieve, allows customer to withdraw cash, deposit cash, pay through demand drafts. This system enables to handle the bank management easily. Java was chosen as development language as it provides ease in developing a web based product. It is offers high performance, it is robust and secure, it is simple and object oriented and it is being derived from C and C++. The features of java being used for development of this project are AWT Swing, AWT Event, and JDBC.

Bank management video will give over view on modules, programming language  and software and hardware requirements.

Platform Dependency:

This project can also be developed in asp.net and vb.net. Here we provide source code in java.

Modules in Bank Management System:

Now let us take a look at the module which depicts the working of the system under development.

a.)    Introductory Screen

This screen displays the name of the screen.

b.)    Login Screen

As every system authenticates the use this application also authenticates the user and allows him to login.

c.)     Account Selection Screen

The screen provides the user options to choose the type of account such as saving or current account.

d.)    Account Operations

This option allows the user to perform various operations on his account such as depositing money, withdrawing money, and balance enquiry.

e.)    Withdrawing Money

With the help of this option customer can withdraw money from his or her account.

f.)     Depositing Money

With the help of this option user can deposit money in his or her account.

Download Java Banking Management Project Source code

java bank management system



Features of Banking System:

 This system is secure, easy to use, reliable and accurate, and no need of bank system.

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